To apply for coverage, complete one of the following applications as it applies to your needs. If the application you need is not provided below, contact

School Leaders Liability

Flood Coverage

  • Flood Worksheet (The information provided in this form is required in order to determine qualification and preparation of a quotation)
  • Flood Elevated Building Determination Form (This form is required on all specifically rated elevated buildings. The completion of the form does not change any rating. It is a requirement of notification on the limitations of coverage for an elevated building.)
  • FEMA Elevation Certificate (This form is required in order to determine eligibility, proper insurance premium rate and to support a request for a Letter of Map Amendment or Letter of Map Revision. It is also used to property rate post-FIRM building for buildings construction after the Flood Insurance Rate MAP (FIRM), and located in flood insurance Zones A and V)
  • Building Diagram (Used in conjunction with the FEMA Elevation Certificate form to determine type of building for flood insurance)  

Storage Tank Coverage

Send completed applications to

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