Oil & Gas Distributors

Eligibility Guidelines

Eligible risks
Eligible classes of business are distributors and manufacturers’ representatives of oil and gas equipment, as well as firms that sell their goods to companies in the oil and gas field; including but not limited to the following:

  • Light towers
  • Generators
  • Basic supplies and tools
  • Soap - defined as emulsifiers, surfactants and defoamers
  • Dope - grease or lubricants for connecting joints and threaded pieces
  • Pump jacks
  • Drill bits and motors

Ineligible risks
Distributors and manufacturers’ representatives engaged in the following:

  • Rigs
  • Blow out preventers
  • Frack stacks
  • Chemicals - except soap and dope as defined in Section II. A. eligible operations
  • Mud
  • Downhole tubulars- casing and production tubing
  • Cranes
  • Distributors that:
    Alter, modify or participate in the design of the product
    Re-label or re-package the product

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