Oil & Gas Contractor Claim Scenarios

  1. An oilfield equipment contractor was transporting a separator between drilling sites for a client when he struck an overpass. The separator was damaged resulting in necessary repairs and the need to rent an additional unit in order to maintain production. The loss could have been prevented by knowing the overall height of the vehicle/load being transported and the height limitations/restrictions of the roadways between the drilling sites. Although taking a detour to avoid the low overpass would have slightly increased the transit time, the cost of the repairs and equipment rental far exceeded any time concerns.

  2. A contractor was hired to perform maintenance and repair work on a turbo used in the oilfield. Upon completion of the repair work, the mechanic failed to remove a rag from the intake. When the turbo was started the rag was sucked into the turbo causing damage and additional repairs which exceeded $13,000. Any time maintenance and repairs are conducted it is imperative that all tools, unused parts, rags and/or other materials be completely removed from the work area. Before the work is released, a final inspection should be performed to confirm that the work was properly performed and the work area is clear.

  3. An oilfield contractor was traveling behind a vehicle that signaled for a right turn. Anticipating the vehicle’s turn the contractor started to change lanes. When the other vehicle failed to turn, the contractor was too close and moving too fast to avoid striking the vehicle. Although damages were minor to both vehicles and there were no injuries, the accident could have been avoided had the contractor maintained a proper following distance and a safe operating speed.

  4. A gas contractor operating a company vehicle was traveling east approaching an intersection. The crossroad had two lanes in each direction, north and south. Distracted by his cell phone, the contractor did not see the signal light change and ran a red light. The contractor struck a vehicle broadside, driving that vehicle into another vehicle traveling in the same direction. All of the vehicles sustained heavy damage and the drivers of the two vehicles struck by the contractor were injured. Distracted driving, caused by using a cell phone or GPS system, is an increasing problem because the average driver response time is slowed significantly.
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