Broker Testimonials

"[The Online Broker Portal] is a great system. Easy to use and the product is just right from the coverage/pricing perspective of a lot of my small business clients." - Virginia insurance broker

"I spent quite a bit of time last year looking at cyber coverage from several of the major players and I am convinced that Schinnerer’s offering is the best available." - Ohio insurance broker

"I just listened to the cyber webinar on hidden dangers in cyber policies. It very was good! Especially for non-geeks (with regard to IT that is) - it was nice to consider the impact of some of the automatic responses insureds make [on the application] because they haven’t really thought about what that questions means. For example the question as to encryption. I bet 90% of the small insureds that have encryption do not know if everything is encrypted or not, when they answer that questions on an application. I’m now looking at other cyber policies we write for those types of issues!" - Arizona insurance broker

"I had the pleasure of working with Schinnerer on several accounts with a very good outcome on each. The program is comprehensive and includes crime coverages, not automatically part of other carrier’s offerings, the deductibles are reasonable taking into account the size and complexity of the accounts that fit into your underwriting appetite and the premiums are competitive. Mark Schulz's work has been particularly helpful in providing a thorough understanding of the coverages included in your program. Quotations are also turned around very quickly, which is the opposite of what we’ve been experiencing." - Connecticut insurance broker

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