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Phone conversation between Mr. Brown, principal at a Texas insurance agency and Ms. Jones, regional marketing contact at Victor O. Schinnerer & Co.

Ms. Jones (MJ): “I noticed you have only submitted residential applications through our online broker portal. Did you know we write commercial risks?”
Mr. Brown (MB): “You write commercial projects?!”
MJ: “Yes, we expanded our Builders Risk program to include commercial projects in 2016.”
MB: “I have an application on my desk right now for a new hotel and was planning to submit through your competitor’s portal. Does your online portal accept commercial projects?”
MJ: “Absolutely. You can submit commercial, residential, and renovations projects through our portal.”
MB: “Renovations projects too?! That is so great to know. I primarily write commercial risk and renovations and never thought of using Victor O. Schinnerer & Co. Thank you so much for reaching out.”

Mr. Brown entered the hotel project into the Schinnerer online broker portal as soon as he hung up the phone. 



Value of the project: $16,500,000
Construction type: Masonry Non Combustible (MNC)
Location: Texas
Total insured value: $17,350,000
Required soft costs: $850,000.

The risks of the project met all underwriting guidelines for
the Schinnerer Builders Risk program, however due to the
higher project value, underwriting review was required. A
member of the underwriting team reached out to Mr. Brown
within an hour of submitting the application to request a
“scope of work” and inform him that a 1 percent wind deductible was required for the project location. Mr. Brown provided the necessary information right away and received 
a competitive quote by the end of the day.    

Benefit #1

Schinnerer’s online broker portal allows you to enter a submission in less time, requiring 15 percent fewer “clicks” than the competition.

Benefit #2

Schinnerer’s online broker portal accepts submissions for new commercial, new residential and renovation projects. 

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