Professional Liability Insurance

Tools for Understanding Insurance

Understanding the Claims Process

This resource is a general guide to the typical claims handling process.

Professionals who have had a lawsuit filed against them say that they would have been less anxious if they had known more about what to expect during the claims handling process. By familiarizing yourself with the sequence of events in a typical claim, you can reduce the common feeling of being caught in a confusing process.

For additional information on defending a claim, please see our publication on selection of counsel.  

Guide to the Risk Mitigation Credit

This publication is an in-depth explanation of the risk mitigation credit, a feature of the professional liability policy.

This guide explains the "baseline" criterion that must be met to qualify for the credit, as well as all six "best practices" criteria (of which three must be met). Firms can also learn if they qualify for the credit.

You can also use the tools below in furthering your understanding of the risk mitigation credit:

Intro to Professional Liability Insurance

This resource for policyholder clients addresses the more common questions surrounding professional liability coverage, including additional insured status, contractual liability and a per occurrence professional liability policies.

While not intended to be exhaustive in its explanation of professional liability insurance, this publication does address its most commonly misunderstood features.

Understanding Your Property & Casualty Coverage: Commercial General Liability Insurance

Commercial general liability insurance covers liability from incidents that occur on the policyholder's premises or the non-professional aspects of the insured's practice.

Managing the risks of commercial general liability coverage is important. The first step in managing CGL risks is to understand the coverage. Our guide to Understanding Commercial General Liability Insurance gives you a general overview, plus specific examples and risk management tips.

Understanding Your Property & Casualty Coverage: Property Insurance

Start managing your property insurance risks by understanding what kind of coverage insurance provides. Our guide to Understanding Property Insurance gives you a general coverage overview, claims prevention information and the answers to frequently asked questions about coverage. 

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