Green Design and Sustainability

This page is a collection of our green and sustainability risk management resources. These resources cover a range of practice issues and expert opinions.

White Papers

Navigating Sustainability: The Opportunities and Pitfalls of Designing and Constructing Green Buildings

Many misconceptions about the construction costs, energy performance, and innovative technologies of green buildings persist currently, despite scientific studies demonstrating that sustainable buildings can be constructed at market value, on time, and usually perform better than traditional buildings. This paper analyzes trends in the green building and construction industry as a whole. Green building rating systems, standards, and codes are investigated.

Though sustainable buildings are generally healthier and safer, several aspects of their design and construction contribute to unique additional risks. These risks, best practices for design professionals in order to mitigate them, and relevant contract documents are presented.

Sustainable Design Risk Management

Though a truly “green” design is difficult to achieve, it is impossible to argue against the value of sustainability in the design and operation of our built environment. Green design minimizes hazardous environmental consequences and reduces energy use.

Designing for sustainability involves considering environmentally responsible design alternatives consistent with the client’s program, schedule, and budget. This paper will explore some of the legal and insurance implications of the “green” movement, as well as developments in common rating systems.

Streaming Webinars

Papers from the Annual Meeting of Invited Attorneys

Sustainable Design: How to Survive the Green Revolution - Mark E. Meredith, Esquire and Peng Paine Sun (51st Annual Meeting of Invited Attorneys)

Is the Standard of Care Evolving In a World Gone Green and High Tech? - David A. Ericksen, Esquire (48th Annual Meeting of Invited Attorneys)

Legally Green: What Lawyers Need to Know About Sustainable Design - G. William Quatman, Esquire and Paula Vaughn, AIA, LEED® Faculty (47th Annual Meeting of Invited Attorneys)

Management Advisories

VEP Module

Our Voluntary Education Program (VEP) is a self-study program loaded with in-depth risk management guidance. The first half of module 2-8, Specialized Risks: Designing for Sustainability and Condo Projects, deals with the potential liability inherent in green design.

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