Builders Risk

Buildings under construction are subject to a myriad of risks. From fires, to theft, to unforeseen natural disasters, building owners and builders are left to pick up the pieces. A builders risk insurance policy protects against these perils and more.

Victor O. Schinnerer & Company offers state-of-the-art builders risk solutions for residential and commercial construction. Policies can be written in the name of the builder or owner. 

Builders Risk Resources

One Broker's Story of Success

The Online Broker Portal allows brokers to quote, bind and issue a policy outside of normal business hours in only minutes.

War Story - Stormy Night

Find out what happens after a severe thunderstorm damages a nearly complete custom home.

War Story - A Profit Saved is a Profit Earned

By asking the right questions, the broker protected the client from a potential costly loss.

8 Compelling Reasons to Purchase Builders Risk Coverage

When times are tough, companies examine their expenses more carefully.

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