Project Specific

Schinnerer offers project-specific professional liability coverage with a focus on projects with up to $300 million in construction values. Certain commercial, infrastructure, educational, healthcare, residential and mixed use projects are eligible for coverage.  Design-bid-build, design-build and other alternative delivery methods will be entertained for possible quotation. Project-specific coverage is also available with a dedicated policy form for firms entering into integrated project delivery (IPD) contracts. We prefer to quote the project-specific coverage for firms that already have their practice policy with Schinnerer.

Availability: In all states, the District of Columbia and U.S territories

Minimum premium: $25,000

Limits: Up to $15 million

The project-specific policy provides a policy term with the expiration date being the date of substantial project completion.  The policy also includes a standard extended reporting period following the substantial completion of construction of up to 5 years.  Requests for longer extended reporting periods with up to a maximum of ten years of total project specific policy coverage will be reviewed and considered.

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